Fee Schedule

ESS charges will be billed to each family's FACTS account.

Please refer to the following information for applicable services and corresponding fees:

Annual ESS Registration and Case Management Fee

Annual fee billed in August or upon enrollment for any student with a current psycho-educational evaluation on file with the school and that receives any accommodations, tutoring, or support services of any kind whether within or outside of the classroom.  

  • Yearly Amount:  $88 per year 


Learning Center Testing

Quiet, distraction-free environment for testing as well as accommodations such as having the test read aloud, extra time, etc.  Fees are charged over 9 months, September through May.


Testing Accommodations for 3 or Fewer Subjects:

  • Monthly Amount:  $35 


Testing Accommodations for More Than 3 Subjects:

  • Monthly Amount:  $70



Per Daily Session with a Specialist:
Tutor has credentials beyond a bachelor's degree (e.g. ED.D, Ph.D, MAED Degree) 

  • 30 minutes:  $47
  • 45-60 minutes:  $55


Per Daily Session with a Teacher:  
Tutor has a bachelor's degree

  • 30 minutes:  $43
  • 45-60 minutes:  $50


Fixed Plan of 4 Sessions Per Week:
Available only to those students requiring intensive remediation through a reading program.
Fees are charged over 9 months, September through May for a school year total of $4,410.

  • Monthly Rate:  $490


Speech Therapy

Therapist is licensed in Georgia as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist.


Per Daily Session with a Therapist:  

  • 30 minutes:  $52