Overview of Services

What does the Learning Center Provide?


The Learning Center provides assistance to students with learning differences by reviewing all psycho-educational testing reports and monitoring the use and implementation of accommodations. This is all administered through the Director of Education Support Services, Kelly Vandagriff.

Separate Test-Taking Environment

Test-taking services are also available in the Learning Center to qualifying students. Test-taking accommodations are provided based on a student’s learning difference and at an additional fee. Tests must be scheduled with Kathy Stamey at kstamey@princeave.org , Testing Coordinator, in advance. 

Tutorial Services

Tutorial services are available to all Prince students who may need a temporary period of intervention to augment skills not mastered in the classroom. It is NOT designed as a study hall or homework lab. On-campus tutoring is arranged through the Director of Education Support Services, Kelly Vandagriff. Tutoring sessions are scheduled based on availability and only during non-academic classes. Students are encouraged to first utilize the supports provided by the regular classroom teacher such as help session, tutorials, etc. Tutoring does not replace the need for students to study on their own, nor does it guarantee an increase in a student’s grade. We expect our students to continue to be responsible for their learning while receiving tutoring services. A tutorial form is required and should be completed prior to any tutoring session.

Speech Services

Speech Services are provided through the Learning Center with our SLP, Carla Holt. Please contact Kelly Vandagriff with any speech needs. Speech is open to all students.


Please check the Fee Schedule regarding the fees for each service.