Graduation Requirements

Prince Avenue strives to provide a Christ-centered educational environment where students are encouraged, nurtured, and challenged spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically. Our school offers a variety of subject areas including Bible, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Health & Physical Education, and a growing number of electives. Our modern classrooms all contain SmartBoards, and all high school students utilize tablets and web-based curriculum repositories. With the expansion of integrated technology, we strive to develop students’ cognitive abilities within the higher spectrums of critical thinking (analyzing, evaluating, creating) vice the rote memorization of facts, which are now readily available on the world-wide web.

We offer three classifications of high school diplomas: College Preparatory with Distinction, College Preparatory, and General. The College Preparatory with Distinction diploma requires 28 Carnegie Units and must include three advanced courses (any combination of dual enrollment, advanced placement, or a third or fourth year of a foreign language). The College Preparatory diploma requires 27 Carnegie Units but excludes the three advanced course requirement. Both the College Preparatory with Distinction and College Preparatory diplomas meet or exceed the Georgia State course rigor necessary to qualify for the Hope and Zell Miller scholarships. The General Diploma consists of 24 Carnegie Units with no foreign language requirement and three or four years of mathematics, science, and history.

Course Requirements by Diploma Type

College Preparatory with Distinction = 28 Carnegie Units

* 3 or more courses must be classified as “advanced” (Advanced Placement, college dual enrollment, or third/fourth year of a foreign language).

College Preparatory = 27 Carnegie Units

General = 24 Carnegie Units