Fifth Grade


The Prince Avenue Lower School Bible curriculum is an integrated worldview and Bible survey course for Lower School students. This curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical perspective of the world so that they will reflect the Scriptures both in their thoughts and in their actions.

Fifth Grade Focus:

  • Stewardship (worldview) - Building a Relationship of Harmony With God's Creation as I Appreciate It and Rule Over It
  • God’s Greatest Gift (survey) – The Life and Ministry of Jesus

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Language Arts

Fifth Grade Language Arts encompasses reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. The curriculum aims to strengthen reading comprehension, build fluent readers and writers, and develop strong grammar skills in students.

Text: BJU Press Reading, Authentic Novels, Shurley English, Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary/Spelling, Excellence in Writing


Fifth Grade Math curriculum emphasizes critical thinking skills while incorporating addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division concepts and strategies. Other concepts included are units of measure, data and graphing, fractions and decimals, geometry and measurement, ratio, proportion, percent, probability, place value, and algebraic reasoning.

Text: Houghton Mifflin

Social Studies

Fifth Grade Social Studies curriculum is American History based on a Biblical worldview. The students will study the Pioneer Days through World War II as well as an introduction to United States Government.

Text: Houghton Mifflin


Fifth Grade Science, taught from a Biblical worldview, introduces many scientific areas of study including Creation and Fossils, Matter, Biomes, Weather, Rocks and Minerals, and the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems.

Text: BJU Press

Enrichment (offered once a week)


Lower School Spanish covers the basics of the spoken Spanish language. This includes conversational phrases as well as vocabulary such as colors, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, food, parts of the body, etc. Students will also study an introduction to the cultures of several Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

Physical Education

Students will develop the ability to perform a variety of basic and advanced movements through games and activities to enhance fitness levels.


Lower school Art at Prince Avenue exposes students to the world of art by introducing famous works of art, art movements, and a variety of different art materials from paint to clay to paper mache. We focus on incorporating the elements of art and principles of design into our daily projects. Students enjoy experiencing art critiques and discussing art from all over the world.


Elementary music at Prince is a 7 year program which lays the foundation of the fundamentals of music – proper singing, steady beat, basic rhythms and notation – to move our students from simple songs to musicals, from classroom instruments to beginning band in order to prepare them for future musical growth and development.


Students are read a story to coordinate with holidays, seasons, or Fifth Grade units of study. Topics that are introduced include: how to use a shelf-marker, book care rules, and how to determine if a book is fiction or non-fiction, story sequences, book arrangement on shelves, use of indexes in non-fiction books, guide words in dictionaries, parts of a book, Dewey Decimal System, call numbers, how to determine valid internet websites for research, how to access Galileo and how to locate AR book levels and point value for each book. The Fifth Grade meets with their reading buddies in Kindergarten twice each month during their library time.