Beginning with the foundational truths that the Bible is God’s Word and it is always true, Kindergarteners are lead through a survey of the Bible in which they come to understand God’s character, His story of redemption, and His plan for their lives.

Text: Christian Schools International, Walking with God and His People

Language Arts

The Kindergarten Language Arts curriculum is a phonics-based program that builds upon existing skills. Letter recognition, letter identification, and letter sounds are reviewed. Early literacy skills such as print concepts, beginning/ending sounds in words, sight-word recognition, and comprehension are continued and mastered.

Text: BJU Press Reading, BJU Press Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me


Kindergarten Math curriculum emphasizes number sense while incorporating positions, patterns, numbers, geometry, fractions, time, money, measurement, addition, and subtraction.

Text: Abeka Number Skills

Social Studies

In Social Studies, Kindergarteners work toward an understanding of the world God created and their place in it. Some of the units covered include All About Me, Community Helpers, Christmas Around the World, Presidents, and America.

Text:  Pearson, My World Grade K


In Science, Kindergarteners are introduced to the world around them and helped to understand their place in God’s wonderful creation.

Some of the units covered include Five Senses, Insects, Space and Planets, and Plants.

Enrichment (offered once a week)


Lower School Spanish covers the basics of the spoken Spanish language. This includes conversational phrases as well as vocabulary such as colors, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, food, parts of the body, etc. Students will also study an introduction to the cultures of several Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

Curriculum: Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids ( 

Physical Education

Students will develop the ability to perform a variety of basic and advanced movements through games and activities to enhance fitness levels.


Lower school Art at Prince Avenue exposes students to the world of art by introducing famous works of art, art movements, and a variety of different art materials from paint to clay to paper mache. We focus on incorporating the elements of art and principles of design into our daily projects. Students enjoy experiencing art critiques and discussing art from all over the world.


Elementary music at Prince Avenue is a 7 year program which lays the foundation of the fundamentals of music – proper singing, steady beat, basic rhythms, and notation – to move our students from simple songs to musicals, from classroom instruments to beginning band in order to prepare them for future musical growth and development.


Kindergarten students are read a story each week to coordinate with holidays, seasons or kindergarten units of study. Students may have two books checked out from August to December, then move to one book in January. Topics that are introduced include: how to use a shelf-marker, book care rules, and how to determine if a book is fiction or non-fiction. Reading Buddies are set up with a fifth-grade class, and Reading Buddies meet at least twice per month.