Technology in Our Classrooms

SMART Boards

All of our classrooms are equipped with projectors to aide teachers in presenting material through traditional lecture or demonstration activities. Fifty of our fifty-three classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. This technology allows the teachers and students to interact with the information displayed by the projector. Objects can be moved around; drawings can be made, and annotations can be made. When completed, the entire presentation can then be saved and made available for students who may need assistance in taking notes.

Teachers can also record the audio of a class which can then be made available for students who are on extended absences, or they can pre-record lectures to be presented in case of a teacher’s absence.

iPad Program

All students in grades 9-12 are issued an iPad for use for educational purposes. Teachers use different apps to enhance learning and to engage students in learning the subject. Students can download documents from our Learning Management System (Moodle) instead of using paper and pencil and organize them in Notability. Teachers can make short demonstration videos, or they can assign students to make a video as a homework assignment. Many specialty apps are available for various topics to make subjects more meaningful to students and to allow students to view things which otherwise would be difficult or impossible.

Computer Labs

Prince Avenue Christian School has two computer labs. One lab is a teaching lab used primarily in middle school enrichment classes and high school yearbook classes. The other lab is available for student research or work on other assignments such as papers or presentations..