Parent-Teacher Fellowship

PTF Mission Statement:   The purpose of the PACS PTF is to foster fellowship among teachers and parents to promote unity, increase parent involvement, be a source of encouragement to the PACS family, and honor God above all things. 


The Parent Teacher Fellowship is you….and everyone! It is the parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at PACS, faculty members, staff members, and administrators.

The PTF operates according to written bylaws and is led by appointed officers and committee chairmen as we work together on supporting our mission statement.

We look forward to you joining with us as we build a strong relationship between parents, faculty, staff and administration.  Plus, we will have a great amount of fun!



Ashley Harper:​

Gigi Lastinger:


Amy Shiver:


Meg Titshaw


PTF Grade Representatives

The following Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) grade representatives serve their respective grade level as an additional avenue for PACS parents to communicate with Administration on issues that affect that grade.   It is an opportunity for parents to feel more connected with school events, as well as, other important school information.   The PTF grade representatives will have quarterly meetings with the administration or as deemed necessary.  At that time, the representatives will convey any suggestions or concerns that have been addressed by parents. 

In Lower School (PreK-5th) and high school, each grade will have an appointed parent that will be each grade’s contact person.  In middle school, there will be two parent contacts for each grade (one designated for male and one designated for female students).

This program was initiated to enhance communication, not to discourage families from contacting their respective administrator directly for student specific issues.  We want to strengthen the sense of unity throughout our Prince Avenue Christian School family!


2017-2018 PTF Grade Representatives


Lower School:

Pre-K: Meg Perry
Kindergarten:  Jodi Connor
1st:  Jennifer Palmer:
2nd: Ashlie Bradford
3rd: Summer Escoe​
4th:  Kathryn Land
5th:   Open


Middle School:

6th: (M) Caroline Ward​
6th: (F)  Katherine Culpepper

7th: (M) Nancy Baker​
7th: (F)  Elizabeth Norris

8th: (M) Betsy Harter​
8th: (F) Kim McClellan


High School:

9th: Lannae Johnson

10th:   Linsey Jarrett

11th:  Jenn Cartey

12th: Meg Titshaw



Involvement of parents, teachers, staff and students is essential for the success of PTF.  We offer many opportunities for volunteers to use their God given gifts to make an impact at Prince Avenue Christian School.  We are partnering together to help the students of PACS in their walk the Jesus Christ.  Partnering together will have the greatest impact in the life of Prince and its families. Please consider the strengths and talents you have been given to serve our school.

First Friday Fellowship

Each first Friday of the month we will begin at 8:00am with a brief PTF update and a time of fellowship will follow. Fellowship may be a devotion and discussion, breakfast or serving the faculty, staff or students. 

Duty Free Lunch

We offer our teachers a lunch break.  For Lower School it is once a month and Middle and High School is it four times a year. It requires 30 minutes of your time to monitor the students so that the teachers can leave the lunchroom during lunch. 

Parents In Prayer

Please join us Tuesday mornings at 8:10 am in the Library as we cover PACS in prayer. You can pray silently, aloud, individually, with the group or with a faculty or staff member. Join when you can. Nothing is more impactful than feeling the Holy Spirit work during this special time communicating with our Lord and Savior on behalf of our Students, Teachers, Staff, and Parents.

Contact: Susanne Carter:

Ongoing Events

Faculty Appreciation

The PTF provides monthly treats to the faculty and staff to show our appreciation for all they do on the behalf of our children.  Each faculty and staff member is also recognized on his or her birthday.  ​

Christy Britt
Jeanna Kelley


Lil’ Wolves Club

A pep club for the Lower School students getting them involved in school spirit and with high school athletes. Your help will be needed at sporting events to help the Lil’ Wolves be recognized or interact with the athletes.​

Michelle Gilley


Dollars for Education

There are a number of ways for your shopping dollars to benefit our school.  PTF coordinates the various opportunities provided by Box Tops, Publix, Ingles and Office Depot.

Jodi Connor:
Tanya Flint:

Fund Raising

All PTF programs, events and fellowship activities are not a part of the PACS budget so PTF embarks each year in search of fundraising to pay for senior scholarships, senior mission trip, teacher appreciation activities and more.  PTF utilizes two types of fundraising methods:

  • Direct Sales – through our Gently Used Uniform Sale (3 per year)
  • Passive Collection – through partnering with various local retailers.


Gently Used Uniform Sales

Chairs: Emily Hicks,
Kasi Thurmond,
Melissa Treadwell,

A service to provide our parents with a low cost option to purchase uniforms. Uniforms can be donated or consigned. Volunteers get a benefit of “early” shopping for the best selection.  Last year nearly $12,000 was raised through this sale and almost $5,500 was returned to families that consigned clothing at the sale.


Dollars for Education/Fundraising

Chair: Tina Lord,

Our PTF coordinates various passive fundraising opportunities by partnering with several local retailers that provide PACS with funds through the use of their customer loyalty tags and through the Box Tops for Education program.  Currently we partner with Publix, Ingles, Target, and Office Depot.  For a more complete description of how to aid PACS with the use of these opportunities see our complete instructions below.


Box Tops for Education

This is a great opportunity to earn extra money for our school. Our previous year earnings were $ 1.699.50.  This money comes from clipped box tops. Each clipped Box Top is worth $0.10 to our school.

Box Tops are redeemed twice a year, October and March, but you are encouraged to turn them in throughout the year.  The process for turning in Box Tops is being revamped for the upcoming school year.  Check back here soon for more details



Publix is the best return to our school for a grocery store program.  Last year we earned over $1760.26 from your Publix purchases. Publix cards are mailed to each PACS family at the beginning of the school year and are also located in the main school office. You simply scan the PACS Publix card before paying for your purchase at ANY Publix grocery store. Publix will donate 3% of your purchases directly to PACS. Give PACS Publix cards to friends, relatives and neighbors. Publix Cards are accepted in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.


Target Redcard, Take Charge of Education

We received over $1733.09 from your Target Redcard purchases last year. For cardholders enrolled in the program, Target donates 1% of all Target Visa Credit card and Target credit card purchases made at a Target store or at and 1% of all Target debit card purchases made at a Target Store. If you have a Target Redcard, please register your card at


Office Depot

Office Depot 5% Back to School Program is also a supporter of PACS. Every time you shop at Office Depot give the cashier our School's ID number and PACS will received credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases to use for free supplies. Our school ID is 70024622. Office Depot keeps a list of school ID numbers at each register if you forget your number.  Funds received from this program are returned directly to PACS for use in purchasing school supplies.



By swiping your Ingles’s reward card, our school earns money that can be redeemed for school supplies and merchandise. Simply fill out a Tools for Schools application from the store or at It's that simple. The sign-up is a one-time process that will take place at the beginning of each school year. PACS will link to your Ingles Advantage Card until the following May. You must re-enroll your Ingles Advantage Card at the beginning of each school year. Our school ID is 10120.

Other PACS Volunteer Opportunities 

Used Uniform Sale

A service to provide our parents with a low cost option to purchase uniforms.  These will be held during the summer and during the school year.  Uniforms can be donated or consigned.

Emily Hicks
Kasi Thurmond
Melissa Treadwell


Father/Daughter & Mother/Son

These are wonderful opportunities for Dads and Daughters as well as Mothers and Sons to bond and have a fun filled evening.  No matter the age of your child, we encourage you to come and enjoy the company of your child with food, fun and fellowship.  It’s a great night of entertainment with a new theme each year. 

Tina Lord:
Amber Zittrouer:


Thing-A-Thon (Field Day)

This school-wide fun filled day is one of the most anticipated days of the year for the Prince family.  Students play various games and activities.    You don’t want to miss the experience of Thing-A-Thon!

Lower School - 
Rachel Florence

Middle & High School -
Carrie Sewell:
Laura Wilfong:

2017-2018 PTF Dates 

 August 4 – First Friday Fellowship 


September 1 – First Friday Fellowship
    ​                       Teacher  Appreciation
                           LS Duty Free Lunch 


October 26 - Mother/Son Night


November 3 - First Friday Fellowship
                          Teacher Appreciation


November 5 – December 3 – Christmas Cash Fund


December 1 – First Friday Fellowship
    ​                    ​  Teacher Appreciation
                          LS Duty Free Lunch


February 2 – First Friday Fellowship
                         Teacher Appreciation


February 15 - Father/Daughter Date Night 


March 2 – First Friday Fellowship
                    Teacher Appreciation
                    ​LS Duty Free Lunch 


April 20 – Thing-A-Thon


May 5 – First Friday Fellowship
                Teacher Appreciation            
                LS Duty Free Lunch
                Volunteer Appreciation              


June 12, 13 & 14 – Used Uniform Sale