Fine Arts Handbook

Philosophy and Objectives

Mission Statement:  Prince Avenue Christian School’s mission is to partner with Christian families to provide scripturally based discipleship while pursuing excellence in academics, fine arts, and athletics from a biblical worldview.

Departmental Philosophy:  “God created man in his own image,” Gen. 1:27.  Since God created us in His image, each student is innately creative.  Fine Arts release the creativity within each student and allow each student to glorify God through products of their creativity.  The arts foster critical thinking and stimulate imagination while addressing all the different learning styles—visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The arts enrich the educational, spiritual, and cultural lives of our students as well as increase the sense of community and teamwork.

Fine Arts Policy 

Fine Arts Policy Disclaimer:  All written policies and areas of concern either specific or non-specific covered in the Fine Arts Handbook are subject to clarification and/or change by the school administration.

Fine Arts Affiliation: Prince Avenue is currently competing in the Georgia High School Association, Region 8-A.  Regional competitions include One-Act Play and Literary Meet.  Prince is a member of Georgia Independent Schools Association.  GISA sponsors All-State Band, Chorus, and Orchestra for schools that are members of that association.  Prince Avenue is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.  Fine Arts events sponsored by ASCI in our region are Band Festival and Choral Festival.  The Prince music faculty holds memberships in the Georgia Music Educators Association and National Association of Music Educators; therefore, our students are eligible to participate in state and district events provided Prince students meet the requirements for GMEA and NAfME events.

Course Descriptions

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department at Prince Avenue Christian School includes both vocal and instrumental music, and drama.  Lower School students attend weekly music classes from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  An afterschool drama club is offered in fourth and fifth grade, and a beginning band class is offered in fifth grade. Middle school students may choose to take classes in drama, band, performing arts, or girls’ chorus.   Upper school students may select classes in band, performing arts, and/or praise team.  Co-curricular options include Pep Band, Jazz Band, school musicals and plays, concerts, performance opportunities at the district, state, and national level, service projects, and travel.

Instrumental Music

  • Beginning Band:  This class is open to any 5th-grade student.  Students are shown the woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, play the ones they are interested in, and are assisted in choosing an instrument that matches their desire, physical attributes, and performance ability.  Students learn the fundamentals of reading music, counting rhythms, and performing in an ensemble.  Beginning Band will perform one or two concerts during the year.
  • Middle School Intermediate Band:  While this class is mostly comprised of 6th-grade students, it is open to any middle school student who has at least one year of previous band experience.  Students continue to develop their individual performance ability and begin to learn basic music theory.  High achieving students have the opportunity to participate in the GMEA District and All-State audition process, be selected for regional honor bands, and audition for the Prince Avenue Jazz Band.  Intermediate Band will perform two or three concerts during the year.
  • Middle School Advanced Band:  While this class is mostly comprised of 7th and 8th-grade students, it is open to any middle school student who has two or more years of previous band experience. Students will continue to build their individual performance technique while learning more advanced music theory and ensemble skills.  Students will participate in Pep Band and have the opportunity to participate in the GMEA District and All-State audition process.  Students may audition for the Prince Jazz Band.  Middle School Advanced Band will combine with the High School Advanced Band to perform four concerts during the year and perform for the ACSI Band Festival.
  • High School Advanced Band:  All high school students with previous band experience are placed in the High School Advanced Band.  Students will continue to build their individual musicianship while developing advanced ensemble skills and performing more difficult literature.  Students will participate in Pep Band and have the opportunity to participate in the GMEA District and All-State audition process.  Students may audition for the Prince Jazz Band.  High School Advanced Band will combine with the Middle School Advanced Band to perform four concerts during the year and perform for the ACSI Band Festival.
  • Contact:  For information about the band program and co-curricular opportunities, please contact Director of Bands, Miles Adams at

Drama and Vocal Music

  • Lower School Music:  Preschool through fifth-grade students attend weekly music classes which focus on spiritual principles, scripture memorization, and Biblical stories through the fundamentals of music.  Students participate in all aspects of music making both in class and through performances such as Fine Arts Night, the lower school musical, and co-curricular activities.  For more information about Lower School Music, please contact Gincy Moon at
  • Middle School Performing Arts:  Middle School Performing Arts is a combination class of music, drama, and choreography to introduce and prepare students for musical theatre.  Students perform in school concerts and present a musical in the spring.  Students may participate in school productions and district or state choral events.
  • Middle School Technical Theatre:  The middle school technical theatre class provides students with the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects of theatre which include set design, lighting, audio, props, video editing, and costuming.  Students will assist in providing these technical components for school productions and events.  
  • High School Performing Arts:  The High School Performing Arts Class is a combination of choral music and drama.  Students study vocal technique, music history, theory, and culture through the singing of a variety of choral literature in solo, small, and large ensemble settings. Students continue to build on the fundamental skills of acting through interpretation, scene development, improvisation, and characterization.  Students perform in school concerts, and may participate in school productions, local, district and state choral and drama events, and trips to locations such as Disney World and New York City.
  • High School Honors Performing Arts:  Honors Performing Arts is offered to those students who have excelled in the pre-requisites of drama and music, and obtained teacher recommendation.  Honors level students must participate in school productions by serving as a cast member or part of the production crew.
  • Technical Theatre: The overall goal of this course is to allow students to develop an understanding of technical aspects of theatre production.  Students will work with elements of stage design, scenic design, sound engineering, video production, lighting design, and costume design.  Students will also explore the development of theatrical design and technique throughout history.  
  • Contact:  For more information about choral or drama classes or activities, please contact LaMurl Morris at or Hannah Hunt at

Visual Arts 

The Visual Arts department offers art classes to every elementary and middle school student.  High school students may elect to take art classes.  Lower School students attend weekly art classes from Pre-Kindergarten and continuing through fifth grade.  Middle school students take art for one quarter in their sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth-grade years.   Upper school students may select classes in drawing or printmaking.  Co-curricular options include service projects, travel, and the National Art Honor Society.

  • Lower School Art:  Elementary students create original works of art in a variety of media, participate in art critiques, and are introduced to artists and their works.  Student artwork is displayed in the school as well as at the Oconee County School District Art Exhibition.  For more information about Lower School Art, please contact Payton Methvin at
  • Middle School Art:  Sixth grade students study art for one quarter their sixth grade year.  Seventh and eighth-grade students may choose to study art in their seventh and/or eighth-grade years.   Topics covered include drawing, painting, ceramics, and printmaking.  For more information about Middle School Art, please contact Leah Laturell at

  • High School Drawing:  The High School Drawing class focuses on the elements of art through a variety of drawing and painting media.  Students gain a basic knowledge of art history and expand their visual language by journaling in their sketchbooks.

  • High School Printmaking I:  Students assemble and create prints by using a variety of printmaking media, organizing images, and analyzing techniques and processes.

  • High School Printmaking II:  Students continue to build upon the techniques learned in Printmaking I by developing and analyzing art principles and elements. 

  • High School Honors Art:  Honors Art classes are offered to those students who have excelled in the pre-requisites of drawing and printmaking.  Honors Art students are challenged to master techniques and further develop creative and spiritual depth to their artwork. 

  • Contact:  For more information about High School Art, please contact Meghan Hudson at

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Performing Arts

  • Pep Band:  All students in Middle School Advanced Band and High School Advanced Band are required to participate in Pep Band which plays at all PACS home football games and selected away games.  Pep Band rehearses one afternoon per week from August through mid-October.
  • Jazz Band:  Membership in Jazz Band is open to all band students in grades 6 – 12 by audition.  Jazz Band rehearses one afternoon per week from late fall through April.  Jazz Band performs two concerts per year and for the GMEA District Jazz Performance Evaluation.  High achieving jazz students may audition for membership in the All-State Jazz Band and may qualify to participate in the Georgia Association of Jazz Educators State Jazz Clinic. 
  • District and All-State Band:  The Georgia Music Educators Association sponsors District and All-State Bands.  Membership in these bands is earned through band director nomination and the successful completion of a rigorous audition process.   When selected, students attend rehearsals during a specific weekend and present a concert with students throughout the district or state.
  • Twirling:  The Prince Avenue Twirling program is an auxiliary performing group offered to kindergarten through high school students.  Students learn the basics of twirling and may participate in performances, parades, workshops, and seminars.  For more information, please contact coach, Candy Byrd at
  • Praise Team:  Students in tenth-twelfth grades may audition for Praise Team.  Students rehearse and prepare to lead worship at weekly school chapels, worship services, and concerts through the study of the Bible, music, and literature about praise and worship.  For more information about the Praise Team, please contact Wes Davis at
  • Little Prince Players:  Little Prince Players is the Lower School drama club which is offered on Thursdays after school for 4th and 5th-grade students.  During the fall students are introduced to the fundamentals of drama while preparing for the drama portion of the Lower School musical.  In the spring session, participants continue to develop their music and drama skills through rehearsals for the Little Prince Players spring production.  For more information about Little Prince Players, please contact Sharon Carter at
  • ACSI Choral Festival:  Large and small choral ensembles may participate in the yearly ACSI Choral Festival.  Ensembles prepare music in advance and perform for a panel of adjudicators.  The event concludes with a concert of performances by the winning ensembles.
  • Fall and Spring Productions:  Each year the Fine Arts Department presents two high school only productions.   The fall production is entered in the Georgia High School Association One-Act Play Competition. The spring production is usually a musical.  The middle school presents their production in late winter.
  • Georgia Music Educators Honors Chorus:  Students who receive teacher nomination may participate in district and/or state GMEA choral events.  Students prepare music in advance, rehearse with students throughout the district or state, and present a concert the weekend of the event.
  • Literary Meet:  Students may participate in the Georgia High School Association’s Literary Meet which occurs in the late winter.  Available opportunities are Girls’ Trio, Boys’ Quartet, Girls’ Solo, Boys’ Solo, Essay, Extemporaneous Speaking and Dramatic Interpretation. Students prepare music in advance and perform for a panel of adjudicators.  Winners at the region level attend the state meet.
  • Workshops and Seminars:  Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the school year and the summer for music, drama, and performing arts students.  Please consult the fine arts calendar or Summer at Prince Avenue link for more information.
  • Private Lessons:  Private instruction is offered to students.  For more information, please contact the following instructors:  
    Helen Adams, Band Instruments, 706-654-6501, 
    Miles Adams, Band Instruments, 
    Sharon Carter, Voice, 706-338-4865,
    Sharon Reid, Piano, 706 546-6554,
    Charles Garland, Guitar,  
    Hannah Hunt, 

Visual Arts

  • Art Festivals and Exhibits:  Each year the lower, middle, and high school art teachers in Oconee County public and private schools select artwork for display in the Oconee County School District Art Exhibition.  Artwork is displayed at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation building in Watkinsville during the month of the art show.  The exhibit opens with a reception for all participating student artists and their families. 

  • Workshops and Private Lessons:  Throughout the school year and during the summer, PACS art teachers offer workshops and private lessons.

Fine Arts Honor Societies 

  • National Art Honor Society:  Students may participate in the National Art Honor Society when they have completed one year of high school art with an A average, continue to create art in and outside of class, participate in service opportunities, and maintain an academic standard in all classes with an 85 or above cumulative average.
  • Tri-M:  Tri- M (Modern Music Masters) is an international music and academic honor society sponsored by the National Association for Music Education.  Tri-M is open to juniors and seniors who are enrolled in Advanced Band or High School Performing Arts, meet strict academic requirements, and possess high levels of music performance ability, leadership, dependability, cooperation, and adherence to our school’s Mission Statement.
  • Thespian Society:  The International Thespian Society (ITS), founded in 1929, is an honorary organization for high school theatre students located at more than 4,200 affiliated secondary schools across America, Canada, and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. High school inductees are known as “Thespians”. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). The International Thespian Society helps create an artistic, educational, and professional network for theatre arts educators, students, professionals, and enthusiasts to share ideas and support the effort to have theatre arts (including film, television, and other related electronic media) recognized in all phases of education and lifelong learning.


Classroom Grading Policies

Fine Arts students will be assessed in three major areas:  classroom participation (30%), rehearsals, practices, quizzes (30%), and concert/major project/portfolio (40%).  The following are standard expectations that will be a part of the criteria regardless of the specific class or discipline:

  • Effort and attitude will be part of the grade.
  • A student’s dependability in maintaining equipment, materials, and music will be reflected in his/her grade.
  • Practice time is a legitimate requirement for evaluation.
  • Written assignments should meet the standard of educational excellence, and teacher feedback should be provided in a timely manner.
  • Should a student miss a concert, performance, or exhibit, the student shall receive a grade of “0”.  Students are offered the opportunity to complete a make-up assignment which must be completed by the end of the quarter.  Teacher discretion will dictate the nature of the make-up assignment.

Co-Curricular Activities Eligibility 

Prince Avenue Christian School believes that participation in co-curricular activities is part of the student's educational experience; however, when involvement in a co-curricular activity interferes with his/her academic performance, in the best interest of the student, he/she must set aside the co-curricular activity to concentrate on their academic studies.

In order to participate in extracurricular activities, students must meet or surpass academic standards. Each semester's grade report determines eligibility for the following semester. If a student has a failing grade in more than one class, he/she is ineligible to participate for the duration of the following semester.

A fine arts student who is struggling academically may be placed on academic probation at the end of a quarter or semester and may be suspended from fine arts participation for a period of time as a means to encourage greater academic success. Any decision involving a suspension will be made jointly by the fine arts department and upper school administration.

Withdrawal from a class after the normal two-week drop period will be considered a failure for fine arts eligibility purposes.

Probationary Eligibility

Fine Arts students who fail two or fewer classes with respective grades of 66 or higher will be allowed to remain eligible if they meet and maintain the following requirements:

  • All required homework/assignments are completed and progress is reviewed by the Fine Arts Director.
  • The fine arts student has a passing average for the failed class at the end of the first two weeks of the new grading period.
  • If the fine arts student has not met the above requirements during the first two weeks, they will be given two additional weeks to qualify for eligibility.  They will be ineligible during the two week period.
  • If the fine arts student does not meet the above requirements in the first four weeks, they will be considered ineligible for the remainder of the semester.

Co-Curricular Conflict Policy 

Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as they can manage while remaining academically successful. Fine Arts students are expected to be loyal and committed to their cast or music ensemble for the entire duration of the season or production. In case of fine arts student who plays athletics, the ongoing or first joined activity must have the student's first loyalty.  When a student is involved in both fine arts and athletics at our school, Prince Fine Arts teachers/directors and Prince coaches will meet to discuss the student’s respective schedules.  It is very important that students and parents communicate conflicts of co-curricular activities early to fine arts faculty and coaches.

Fine arts students participating at the high school level may not participate in outside or non-school fine arts events that conflict with the existing school fine arts calendar without permission of the Fine Arts Director. 

Working Fine Arts Students 

Because of the demanding schedules of our fine arts productions and ensembles, and the responsibility of each student to maintain high academic integrity, students are encouraged not to work during the fine arts production or ensemble commitments. Fine arts students will not be excused from practice due to outside work responsibilities.

Quitting or Dismissal from Cast/Ensemble 

Fine arts students who quit or are dismissed from a cast or ensemble by the teacher, director, or Fine Arts Director due to poor attitudes or discipline problems are ineligible to participate in a fine arts production or ensemble the following semester. 

Practice & Attendance 

Fine arts students are expected to attend all rehearsals, unless absent from school.  A fine arts student with an unexcused absence from a rehearsal is subject to dismissal from that cast or ensemble.

Daily Attendance Requirements for Participation in Co-curricular Activities (including but not limited to Fine Arts activities)
In order for a student to participate in co-curricular activities, the student must be in school by 9:30 AM. The school administration may grant exceptions to this policy in certain instances. If a student oversleeps and arrives after 9:30 AM, he will generally be ineligible to participate in any co-curricular activities that day. If a student is too ill to be in school by 9:30 AM, then a student is too ill to participate in any co-curricular activity that day unless a doctor authorizes in writing that the student is able to participate.

A student must be in attendance at school on the day after any co-curricular activity by 9:30 AM unless an excused notice, signed by a parent, is given to the office. The excuse "I was too tired" DOES NOT constitute an excused absence. If a student receives an unexcused absence for the above reason, the student will generally be ineligible for the next similar activity.

Student Disciplinary Consequences 

6th Detention--Parental Notification and conference with parents, Principal and Head of School and forfeiture of all co-curricular activities.

If a student is suspended for one day, the following consequences will occur:
The student shall not participate in any fine arts events on the day suspended and may not attend an activity without administrative permission. The final decision on when and how long the suspension from fine arts activities will last will be determined by the school administration and Fine Arts staff.

A suspension of two or more days or a second one-day suspension results in automatic suspension from participation in a Fine Arts event for a probationary period to be determined by the administration.

Fine Arts Chain of Command

The Fine Arts Director oversees the entire Fine Arts program. The Fine Arts Director works with the Head of School and Upper School Principals to provide a quality program. Each teacher reports to the Head Teacher of the discipline and all Head Teachers report directly to the Fine Arts Director.

Questions or concerns about a specific fine arts ensemble/cast will be first addressed to your son/daughter's teacher/director. If your questions are not sufficiently addressed, feel free to make an appointment with the Fine Arts Director. Parents are strongly encouraged to support the decisions of the teacher/director. While you may not agree with every decision of a teacher/director, how and when you express your feelings may have a negative effect on your child and on the ensemble/cast. 

Parent/Director Relationship

Parents and directors must have an understanding of the expectations and philosophies of one another. Clear communication is important.

Communication you can expect from the director:

  1. Philosophy of the director
  2. Expectations the director has for the cast/ensemble members.
  3. Locations and times of all performances and rehearsals.
  4. Approximate end time of rehearsals.

Communication directors expect from parents:

  1. Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.
  2. Specific concern in regard to a director's philosophy and/or expectations.

Appropriate issues to discuss with a director:

  1. Ways to help your child improve.
  2. Concerns about your child's performance or behavior.

Issues not appropriate to discuss with a director:

  1. Selection of cast/ensemble members or selection of soloists
  2. Other fine arts students


Some Fine Arts activities, both curricular and co-curricular, require student auditions. 

  • Audition opportunities are open to any student with the understanding that the teacher/director has the final word on selection and placement of student.
  • A parent may request a meeting with the teacher/director to discuss their child’s audition.  A teacher/director will not discuss the audition of another student with any parent.
  • The teacher/director in charge of the auditions will decide if the auditions are open or closed to the public.  The teacher/director may request the room be cleared of an audience at any time if the auditions are public.
  • Students and parents may not remain in the audition room when the fine arts faculty is discussing auditions.
  • Audition results will be published as soon as possible in most cases.

Fine Arts Awards 

Five Fine Arts awards are given each year on Honors Day by the Fine Arts Department.  Two Exodus 35 Awards and two Levite Awards are presented to senior or junior art students and performing arts students respectively who have displayed Christian character, leadership, academic excellence, creativity and gifting in the areas of art and performing arts.  A plaque and a monetary gift are awarded to these recipients.

The Candy Todd Award is presented to the Best Actor and Best Actress in the high school productions.  Each recipient is given a trophy.

The John Philip Sousa Award is a national award presented to the senior band student who has exhibited high levels of academic excellence, outstanding musical skill and ability, leadership, dependability, and participation in all facets of the Prince band program.

The Patrick Gilmore Band Award is a national award presented to an outstanding underclassman band student. 

 The Woody Herman Jazz Award is a national award presented to an outstanding underclassman jazz student. 


Fine Arts students are to travel on school-provided transportation to and from all fine arts events. They are under the authority of Prince Avenue Christian School and should conduct themselves accordingly. A student who needs to take alternate transportation home from an event must have written permission from a parent prior to the event.

Fine Arts students should remember that the use of school vehicles includes the responsibility of keeping them clean. Food and drink in the vehicles are at the discretion of the driver.

Travel Dress Code

Travel dress code for fine arts trips is at the discretion of the fine arts teacher in charge of the event or the fine arts director.

Formal Attire/Uniforms

High School Performing Arts:  High School Performing Arts students are responsible for cleaning and care of all formal attire once issued.  Boys should wash their tuxedo shirts after each performance.  Tuxedos will be dry cleaned by the Fine Arts Department at the end of each school year.  Girls should wash their formal attire in cold water and hang to dry. Formal attire that is lost, stolen, damaged, or has unusual wear will be charged to the student’s school account. Student accounts will be assessed a $25 formal attire fee to cover cleaning and replacement costs.

Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Middle School Advanced Band, and High School Advanced Band:  Performance attire will consist of khaki pants, French blue (dark blue) ¾ sleeve or long sleeve dress shirt, and casual or dress shoes.  Tennis shoes or boots are not acceptable.  Girls MAY NOT wear skirts because we perform on an elevated stage.

Pep Band:  Performance attire will consist of khaki pants and the Prince Pep Band shirt.  This shirt may be purchased by the student or rented for $10 per season.  Tennis shoes or other casual footwear are acceptable for Pep Band performances.  As football season progresses and the weather becomes cooler, students will need to have a Prince jacket, hoodie, fleece, or other Prince outerwear.  Pep Band members are strongly encouraged to purchase a Prince Band Jacket for this purpose.

Jazz Band:  Performance attire will consist of khaki pants, Prince Jazz shirt, and casual or dress shoes.  Tennis shoes or boots are not acceptable.  Students are expected to purchase their Jazz Band shirt at a cost of $15.00 - $20.00. 

Drama/Music Production Rehearsal Attire:  At all rehearsals for drama/music/and performing arts productions girls should have hair pulled away from the face, and wear long pants or shorts with leggings or tights.  Girls may not wear shorts without leggings or tights.  Failure to abide by this policy will result in dismissal from rehearsal.  Boys should wear pants and shirts that allow freedom of movement.

All fine arts students should wear footwear that protects the feet during choreography.  Sandals, flip-flops, etc. are not permitted in rehearsals.  Students are encouraged to purchase solid black dance shoes.

Cast will be charged a costume fee that covers the expense of costumes and makeup.

Fine Arts Letter Jackets 

Performing Arts Letter Jackets

To earn a letter:  A student must be enrolled for 2 years (4 semesters) in Performing Arts (Chorus/Drama).  A student may transfer from another school and earn a letter if the student was in chorus or drama for two years (four semesters).

Bars:  A student may earn a pin for 2 years in Performing Arts.  An additional bar may be used for each year thereafter.  By the time a student graduates, they may earn a pin and 2 bars. Honors level students will earn gold bars.  Regular Performing Arts students will earn silver bars. 

Shows:  Uniform sized patches for each show will be offered to cast and crew.  Each show patch will have a symbol representing the show and the year.  The symbol will be based on the poster of the show if applicable.  Stars may be earned to show patch for All-Star Cast or tech awards.  Techs may earn show patches.  Stage managers will receive show patches.

Levite Awards; Candy Todd Award:  Special pins will be designed for these awards and pins presented with the award at Honors Day

Literary:  If a student wins a region title he or she will earn a pin.  If a student wins first or second place at the state level, he or she will be awarded a pin.

Trips:  Trip patches will only be awarded if there is a performance as part of the trip

ACSI, GHSA, GISA:  No patches will be given for these events.

Service:  Patches will be awarded for service hours.  Number of hours to earn a patch will be determined by the Fine Arts director and faculty.

Fund Raising:  Topfundraiserr will earn a pin.

Thespian Society:  Each member of the Thespian society will receive a pin.

Band Letter Jacket

Students are not required to purchase a band jacket.  Middle School jackets are nylon “tour” jackets.  High School jackets are varsity “letter” style jackets.  Band jackets include the student’s name and instrument embroidered on the front and the Prince Band logo on the back.  High School jackets have the Wolverine mascot on one sleeve and the student’s graduation year on the other.  Students will earn sleeve patches for Superior and Excellent ratings at ACSI Band Festival, GMEA District Jazz Performance Evaluation, and membership in GMEA District Honor Band and All-State Band.  High School students will earn a band letter at the end of their second year in band.  High School students will earn a bar to be sewn on the letter during their third and fourth year in band.

Facilities/Equipment Care 

Students will not be allowed in fine arts facilities and equipment storage areas without the approval and supervision of a teacher, director or Fine Arts Director.

All facilities/equipment should be limited to the use for which it was intended, handled with proper respect, and returned to the proper storage area after each use.

Any damage to facilities/equipment should be reported to the Fine Arts Director as soon as possible.

All Band students in grades 6 – 12 will be charged a yearly participation fee. These funds will be used to provide transportation to off campus performances and purchase instruments, drum sticks, percussion mallets, and other musical equipment needed for band performances.

Band students who play school owned instruments will pay a $25.00 monthly rental fee that is charged to the student’s account.  These funds will be used to purchase instrument supplies, provide regular maintenance and/or repair, and purchase new instruments for the band.

Performance Etiquette 

Professionalism is a major part of any concert grade.  Expectations include:

  • Performers are to be prompt to their assigned meeting place and time before a performance.
  • Performers are to wear appropriate attire.
  • Performers are to remain focused on the task of performing.
  • While others are performing, the performer is to be courteous and attentive.
  • No texting or other types of electronic communication are allowed during a performance.
  • Talking on stage and chewing gum at any time are always prohibited.

Audience Etiquette 

Guidelines for audience members are as follows:

  • Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices.
  • No flash photography or videotaping is allowed during performances.
  • If you must move during a performance, please leave between musical numbers.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the performance facility.
  • Please do not talk during the performance.
  • Please plan to attend the entire performance.
  • Applause is encouraged.  A standing ovation is appropriate when warranted.  Whistles and yelling are considered rude and disruptive.  

Fine Arts Calendar 

The fine arts calendar is located on the school’s website.  Students will also receive a calendar for their activity from the teacher/director of that class or activity.