October 24, 2017

Brandon Ware, Guest Lecturer for AP Biology Students

Students in Mrs. Owens’s AP Biology class enjoyed a guest lecture from Brandon Ware.  Brandon is the son of former Prince teacher Teri Ware and is currently working on his Ph.D. in cancer biology at Emory University.  Brandon talked with students about his time as an undergraduate and graduate student before discussing his current research in pancreatic cancer.  Brandon’s lab analyzes how immunology relates to cancer cells and the surrounding tissue and the research of possible treatments for pancreatic cancer.  PACS students have been learning about cell metabolism and are preparing for a unit on cell communication both of which were mentioned during Brandon’s lecture.  Students will also learn about the immune system later in the year, so Brandon was able to provide practical and foundational information students can use moving forward.  It was valuable for Brandon to exemplify for students how some of the abstract information they are learning is applied in real-world scenarios to help solve current issues such as cancer treatments.