March 30, 2016

Col. Robert Guy - Guest Lecturer to PACS History Classes

Prince Avenue high school history classes recently enjoyed a guest lecture from Col. Robert Guy.  Col. Guy graduated from West Point in 1965 with a commission as a second lieutenant of infantry.  He became airborne and range qualified and served two tours in Vietnam.  After his career in the military, Col. Guy became an educator eventually being selected in 2004 as the Georgia Teacher of the Year. 

Col. Guy spoke with PACS students specifically about his tours served in Vietnam.  He reviewed the historical and political significance of the war, the military advancements of the time, and the personal experiences of a soldier fighting in Vietnam.  He brought artifacts including fatigues, a canteen, c-rations, MREs, and a rucksack.  In Col. Guy's multimedia presentation  he shared the challenges and dangers faced by his men, and he honored his fallen comrades by sharing their names and ranks with pictures. 

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and to speak personally with Col. Guy at the end of his presentation.  Students reviewed key concepts and ideas in class with their teachers.


Col. Robert Guy with PACS high school history students after his lecture.


Col. Robert Guy using powerpoint presentation and artifacts to explain the Vietnam War.