February 16, 2016

Dr. Tradd Harter Speaks at Lunch and Learn

Thirty-four PACS high school students joined Lunch and Learn on Friday, February 12th to hear Prince parent Dr. Tradd Harter, orthodontist at Classic City Orthodontics.  Dr. Harter reviewed with students the high-tech services offered in his office as well as the academic standards by which students are accepted to medical school. He described a highly competitive field that begins with taking honors level classes in high school and remaining at the top of one's class at every educational level.   

Dr. Harter shared that he has been able to put the skills and abilities God gave him into practice but that only God truly knows the human body.  He explained that his team has the opportunity to dramatically impact his patients’ lives and instill confidence in areas that patients lack self-esteem.  He said he looks to God for guidance to see the problems and solve them.  He encouraged students with his own personal motto:  “Never let anything stand in your way.”