July 18, 2017

Estonia Mission Trip Updates

The Prince Avenue Fine Arts Department is currently on a mission trip in the country of Estonia.  Please pray for this group of students and chaperones as they minister this week.  The group departed on June 14th and will return on July 24th.

Throughout this trip, students will have the opportunity to share Christ through the arts and will work at Camp Gideon, the only Christian camp in Estonia.  Students will also lead worship at the camp and in local churches.  


Updates from LaMurl Morris will be provided here:


Sunday Afternoon, July 23

Greetings from Estonia,

It has been a glorious day in Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. We began the day with worship at the Tallinn Methodist church. After worship we spent the remainder of the day in Old Town shopping, playing, eating, and enjoying the sights. The city is beautiful! We discovered that we have a couple of archery experts on our team--Nathan Anderson and Charlie Graffin. Sara Thompson receives the award for finding the most unusual souvenirs! We had fun exploring the street markets and artist venues. The architecture at the Estonia Orthodox Church is stunning!

Tomorrow we begin the long journey home with many memories and stories to share. We believe that we gave our best effort in the English teaching, and loved the campers and staff well; however, we realize that the greatest change is in our own lives. Although we came to Estonia to serve, we are the ones who have been blessed far more than we could have ever imagined. We appreciate your prayers for us through out the trip. Please know that your faithful prayers have been the foundation of this mission trip.

Sunday Morning, July 23

Good Morning from Estonia!

We are preparing to attend a worship service at the Tallinn Methodist Church. After the church service we will spend the day in Old Town which is located in the middle of Tallinn. Old Town is one of the oldest areas in Europe where original architecture has not been destroyed through acts of war or extreme weather. Old town is beautiful with colorful building and flower boxes in front of most stores and restaurants. 

We completed English camp on Friday afternoon. Mary Grace Palmer taught about locations and directions by talking about God as our Guide. Riley Wilson taught about emotions, and how Jesus, although divine, experienced emotions. Nathan Anderson taught about occupations, and Abby Frost taught about weather and nature. We finished strong, and shed many tears as the campers departed. We loved well, and left a pieces of our hearts at Camp Gideon.

On Saturday we toured Narva, which is a castle on the Estonia-Russian border. All of the lessons we learned in our history classes came to life as we toured the castle and grounds. We then traveled to Tallinn and spent the evening exploring Old Town.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We will begin our journey home tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, July 20

Greetings from Estonia!

Today was our first full day of camp without any rain! All games and activities were outside so the children have enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Ben Hardwick taught about types of food today in our English class. He told the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes with the fish and loaves. Sara Thompson taught the children about parts of the body and clothing. At tonight's worship service, we told the parable of the seeds through drama. Rebecca Hathaway, Charlie Graffin, Abby Frost, and Cailyn Bloodworth gave short teachings after the music, drama and improv. We ended the evening with a bonfire and making s'mores. Tomorrow will be our last day of camp, and the children will leave late in the afternoon. The campers and our PACS students have formed many friendships, and shared many experiences during this week at camp.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team as we finish our ministry at Camp Gideon.

Wednesday, July 19th

Greetings from Estonia!

We had another wonderful day at camp! We've been dealing with cold, rainy weather which has affected our recreation and game time, but we have made adjustments. Today Charlie Graffin gave his lesson on colors and shapes through presenting the creation story, activities and a craft. Rebecca Hathaway taught her lesson on animals by face painting the children, having them create masks, and telling them the story about Noah and the ark. Tonight during the worship time we presented the gospel story of the Good Samaritan through drama and camper involvement. Sara Thompson shared a teaching about the difference between joy and happiness, and Riley Wilson explained to the campers how God for us in all situations. Mr. Wallis wrapped up all the teachings of the day. Now our team members are visiting the campers in the cabins and then we will complete our preparations for tomorrow. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Everyone is well, and serving the campers and people at the camp.

Tuesday, July 18th

We have had a great day at camp!  We began our day with Cailyn teaching our first English lesson about the alphabet and numbers.  We concluded the morning with recreation, arts and crafts and games.  The afternoon was full with Macy teaching about the family members, volleyball, craft time, and a rehearsal for the worship service.  Tonight Macy and Nathan provided teachings after the music and parable.  We concluded the evening with a team meeting and visiting the campers in their cabins.

We have about 56 campers, and many of them are from a Russian orphanage.  Our team is spending any free time playing with the children and trying to learn a few phrases in Russian.  Everyone is well, and working really hard in preparing their lessons and teachings.  

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We'll have many stories to share with you when we return.


Monday, July 17th

Greetings from Estonia!

We finally arrived at Camp Gideon today around 2:30pm. We had a little scare in Stockholm when they couldn't find our ticket reservations. We were able to locate our tickets through our baggage claim tickets..

After arriving at camp, we unpacked, ate dinner, and led worship. Most of us found some time to walk on the beach while the sun was setting. Many are preparing their lessons now, and then we'll turn in for the night. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Your children are amazing! No one has complained, and all have extended grace to one another. Your children have been a joy during these difficult last few days. We are excited about all the camp opportunities before us!