February 22, 2018

Local Law Enforcement Officers Visit PACS Biology Classes

Lieutenant Zach Barrett, a Prince Avenue Christian School alumnus, and Lieutenant Bo Huff with the Walton County Sheriff’s office recently spoke to Mrs. Owens 9th grade Honors Biology classes.  Lieutenant Huff, head of the Crime Scene and Evidence Unit, discussed with students how crime scenes are processed explaining the importance of detail, observation, and documentation when processing a scene. Both Lieutenant Barrett and Lieutenant Huff discussed how evidence is gathered and specifically, the way DNA evidence can be used to help solve a case. Students learned how investigators obtain DNA samples, its accuracy in identifying a suspect, and the challenges with using DNA evidence.

Honors Biology students had just concluded a unit on DNA and DNA analysis. Lieutenant Barrett and Lieutenant Huff were able to describe for students how the information they learned in class is used in a real-world setting. Students were able to ask questions and better understand the benefits and challenges law enforcement officers face when solving a crime.


Pictured left to right:  Lieutenant  Zach Barrett and Lieutenant Bo Huff