May 24, 2016

Middle School Students Recognized at 2015-16 Honors Day

Prince Avenue Christian School held their Middle School Honors Day Program in which students were recognized by their teachers and administrators for academic achievement and excellence per subject level as well as recognition in other areas of accomplishment for the 2015-16 school year.

Students recognized for academic achievements in Bible were Landys McClellan, Reece Wyatt, Elizabeth Coleman, and Mackenzie Case.  Those recognized by their teachers for Christ-like character in Bible were Landys McClellan, Anna Hardwick, and Thompson Sewell. 

Students recognized for the highest average in English were Abby Weaver, Jacob Bachman, and Hunter Melton.  Those presented with the Poetry Recitation Award were James Robach, Nathaniel Grooms, Finn McGinnis, Kathryn Anne Frierson, Sammy Hodges, and Allie Carter. 

Students recognized for the highest average in History were Abby Weaver, Hendley Jones, Camille Hardin, and Hunter Melton. 

The award for highest average in Math classes were given by class:  6th grade Math: Damian Brambhatt; 6th grade Accelerated Math: Luke Nesbit; 7th grade Math: Eliot Daniel; 7th Grade Accelerated Math:  Reece Wyatt and Erin Eley; 8th grade Pre-Algebra:  Hudson Houseman and Aleah Crane; 8th grade Honors Algebra I: Trent Nesbit. 

Students recognized for the highest average in Science were Abby Weaver, Alex Fetzer, Hendley Jones, Bryson Seay, and Jaden Drudge.

Performing Arts students were recognized in several areas of achievement.  “Leadership” was given to Thompson Sewell.   “Most Improved” was given to Anna Hardwick.  “Outstanding Performer” was given to Ivey Meeks.

Girls Chorus students were recognized in two areas of achievement.  “Leadership” was given to Kathryn Anne Frierson.  “Outstanding Vocalist” was given to Maggie Holt and Chloe Ferguson. 

The Fine Arts “Encore Award” is given to students who demonstrate leadership and give one hundred percent of their abilities continuously in class.  These students work toward excellence with consistency. For Performing Arts, the “Encore Award” was given to Emily Hinson and Morgan Daniel.  For Girls Chorus, the “Encore Award” was given to Sarah Hilton and Erin Eley. 

Students recognized for their achievements in Drama for “Outstanding Drama Student”: Jack Johnston; “Outstanding Actor” for his performance in The Lion King:  Reid Baker; “Outstanding Actress” for her performance in The Lion King: Riley Wilson. 

Awards given for Intermediate Band included “Outstanding Performer”:  Abby Weaver;  “Most Improved ”:  Nathalie Lavender, Grace McClendon, and Sam Carmean; “Best Servant”:  Erin McNeely; “Leadership Award”:  Braelin Hagen.

Awards given for Middle School Advanced Band included “Outstanding Performer”:  Ellen Patton; “Most Improved ”:  Lizzy Coleman, Garrison Hammond, and Tanner Iley; “Best Servant”:  Jaxon Connerley; “Leadership Award”:  Camille Hardin and Sean Adams. 

Caleb Land was recognized for making 2nd chair in the Middle School All State Band.  Caleb was also awarded the National Director’s Award.  Mr. Adams also recognized those students who had participated in the different festival events and honor bands throughout the school year.

The Physical Education coaches recognized students for achievement in three different areas.  The “Colossians 3:17 Wolverine Determination Award” was given to the following students:  6th Grade: Nealie Cook and Will Elrod; 7th Grade:  Molly Kooistra and Drew Stiles;  8th Grade:  Caroline Middlebrooks and Trent Nesbit. 

The “Matthew 7:12 Sportsmanship Award” was given to the following students: 6th Grade: Magill Bahnsen and Chase Whalen; 7th Grade: Bailey Hicks and Chas Scoggins; 8th Grade:  Maggie Campbell and Charlie Kahlstorf.

The PE “Excellence Award” was given to the following students: 6th Grade:  Kate Garth and Noah Stowell; 7th Grade:  Gracyn Behr and Jake Johnson; 8th Grade:  Ansley Hall and Jack Robach. 

A representative from the Apalachee Chapter of the NSDAR, Mrs. Ramona Lord, came to recognize all of those students who submitted essays to the Daughters of the American Essay Contest.  PACS submitted the most essays of any other school, and the winning essay was submitted by PACS 8th grader Taylor Bond. 

Students who participated in the ACSI Math Olympics were recognized with certificates and ribbons.  Those students were: Shelby Oaks, Abby Weaver, Alex Fetzer, Nathalie Lavender, Jeremiah Lill, Eliot Daniel, Caleb Ellard, Phillip Kelley, Tanner Wells, Hendley Jones, Logan Brown, Jared Deatrick, Will Elrod, Sammy Hodges, Jaden Drudge, Jack Robach, and Trey Stiles. 

Students who participated in the GISA Spelling Bee were Savannah Huskey and Jaden Drudge.  Students who participated in the ACSI Spelling Bee were recognized with certificates.  Those students were Luke Nesbit, Jeremiah Lill, Jake Gilbert, Noah Stowell, Gracie Power, Matthew Chapman, Morgan Daniel, Hendley Jones, Savannah Huskey, Caleb Land, Chariece Worthy, and Jaden Drudge.   

Students who were recognized for their participation in the ACSI Geography Bee were Luke Nesbit, Chase Whalen, Will Elrod, Magill Bahnsen, Zack Sparr, Hendley Jones, Carter Zittrouer, Evan McCall, Tanner Wells, Trent Nesbit, Hunter Melton, Jaden Drudge, and Jared Deatrick.  The PACS Geography Bee winner was Trent Nesbit.

Those students who excelled in the Accelerated Reader Program were recognized for their accomplishments.  1st Place went to Camille Hardin, 2nd Place went to Eliot Daniel, and 3rd Place went to Erin McNeely. 

Academic Team Medals were presented by Middle School Academic Team Coach Julie Evans.   “Most Valuable” went to Hunter Melton, and “Rookie of the Year” went to Luke Nesbit. 

The 2014-2015 Wolverine Scholar recognized for his achievements in the Duke TIP program was 7th Grader Jaden Drudge. 

The Wolverine Academian Awards were given to the top three academic students per grade level.  The 6th Grade awards were Gold:  Abby Weaver, Silver: Luke Nesbit, and Bronze: James Robach.  The 7th Grade awards were Gold: Hendley Jones, Silver: Reece Wyatt, and Bronze: Jake Bachman.  The 8th Grade awards were Gold: Hunter Melton, Silver: Jared Deatrick, and Bronze: Jaden Drudge. 

PACS Middle School Principal Daniel Head concluded this year’s program by recognizing all of those students who had been given the “Fruit of the Spirit” award throughout the year.   This award is given weekly to a student in each grade selected by the faculty that exhibits the Christ-like characteristics listed in Galatian 5:22-23.