March 23, 2017

New PTF Co-Chairs Begin Work at PACS

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Co-Chairs Ashley Harper and Gigi Lastinger spent the day on Thursday meeting with members of the school’s administrative leadership team and select faculty and staff to coordinate efforts on behalf of parents within the areas of Discipleship, Academics, Fine Arts, and Athletics.

The meetings served as a time to get acquainted and plan for the future. Both ladies are very appreciative of the PTF leaders that have served before them. “We look forward to bringing new energy to the great foundation that has already been laid,” said Gigi. “We love the teachers, administrators, and the excellent combination of the spiritual emphasis with academic excellence. We want to do what we can to come alongside of them and help and also encourage other parents to get involved.”

Both Ashley and Gigi’s families have been at PACS for many years and have a vested interest in the school. The Harpers are in their 15th year while the Lastingers are in their 11th year and both have one PACS graduate and another child in 10th grade. Ashley explains the unique attraction of the Prince community. “PACS is such a fun family atmosphere. I love having the connection from lower school all the way to high school together as a family.”

The new co-chairs emphasize that as veteran parents, it is never too late to get involved in the school. They talk of the tendency for parents to be less involved as their students get older, but they both emphasize that the more involved a person is, the better the experience. Gigi states, “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Whatever you can give, you should. That is why I am here. I love to help, and I’m happy to serve.”

Also serving on the PTF are Emily Hicks, Treasurer and Meg Titshaw, Secretary. The PACS PTF operates according to written bylaws and is led by appointed officers and committee chairs who work together to support the school’s mission statement, “To partner with Christian families to provide scripturally based discipleship while pursuing excellence in academics, fine arts, and athletics from a biblical worldview.”

The PACS faculty and staff remain very thankful for the parents who volunteer their time and talents in the PTF, which helps strengthen the PACS family-school partnership and makes PACS a truly unique and special place.


Front Row left to right:  Ashley Young, Victoria Carter, Gigi Lastinger, Ashley Harper, Becky Callaway, Kimb Brannon, LaMurl Morris, and Seth Hathaway
Back Row left to right:  Richard Ricketts, Lee Robinson, Kendall Eley, Daneil Head, Ben Wallis, and Jesse Owens