March 03, 2017

PACS Students Attend ACSI Piano Festival

Four Prince Avenue Christian School students participated in the ACSI Piano Festival held at Loganville Christian Academy.  

The students are 5th grader McKenzie Paul – superior, 6th grader Charlie Frierson – superior, freshman Kathryn Anne Frierson – superior, and junior Addie Lee Frierson – excellent.  McKenzie, Charlie, Kathryn Anne, and Addie Lee all receive piano instruction from Sharon Reid who teaches lessons at PACS weekly. 

Each student memorizes an approved selection at his or her own level of participation and performs before an adjudicator. The festival is not a competition; each student is judged against a standard of excellence and not in comparison with other students.

Participation is open to any student enrolled in grades kindergarten through twelve in an ACSI school who is presently taking lessons from a qualified teacher.  Students prepare and perform two selections – a hymn and a classical piece. 

Each student receives a certificate and ribbon as well as a written adjudication on his or her performance.

Congratulations to these PACS piano students on their hard work and accomplishments.  


Left to right:  McKenzie Paul, Kathryn Anne Frierson, Addie Lee Frierson, Charlie Frierson, and teacher- Sharon Reid.