May 11, 2017

PACS Teachers Honored as Educators of the Year

The mission statement of Prince Avenue Christian School is “to partner with Christian families to provide scripturally based discipleship while pursuing excellence in academics, fine arts, and athletics from a biblical worldview.”  None of this mission would be possible without the highly qualified and extraordinarily talented, dedicated, and godly teachers that are hands-on with PACS students day in and day out. 

In the spirit of recognizing the commitment and dedication of the faculty at PACS, each year the school recognizes individual teachers as the Colossians 3:23 Educators of the Year, nominated by their peers as remarkable and doing “everything as unto the Lord”.  

This year’s Educators of the Year are 3rd grade teacher Danny Delgado, middle school math teacher Brittany Dillard, and high school math teacher Katie Gilbert.  Each teacher received a crystal vase and a generous donation by a friend of the school.

Danny Delgado is the husband of Courtney and has been a teacher at PACS since 2012.  Danny was raised in Athens, Georgia.  He attended the University of Georgia and earned two undergraduate degrees, the first in Social Studies Education and the second in Early Childhood Education.  Through college, he worked as an after school coach and summer camp counselor at the Athens YMCA.  At PACS, Danny serves as the head coach of the PACS Varsity Girls Soccer team.  He was also instrumental in the development of the Accelerated Reader program as a lower school reading incentive tool. 

Danny is described by his peers as tenacious, courageous, good humored, positive in attitude, and one who regularly displays infectious love.  His peers also say he demonstrates loyalty and respect for students, their families, co-workers, and the school’s leadership.  One co-worker said, “He has a gift for the science and art of teaching reading to lower school students and exhibits love for Jesus every day in every situation.”

Danny is very thankful for the Prince community and describes the administration as dedicated, the families as supportive, and the students as engaged.  “I do not see myself teaching anywhere else.  We truly are a family of believers who are united under one mission: to see Jesus glorified through our school.”  Danny’s deepest desire for his students is for each child to have a real and personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  “My prayer is that I play a part or role that will ultimately impact each student’s decision to live a devoted life for Jesus.”

Brittany Dillard joined the faculty of PACS in 2010.  She is the wife of Josh, who also teaches middle school at PACS.  Brittany attended the University of Georgia where she earned two undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Mathematics Education as well as her Masters in Middle Grades Education.  In addition to her work in the classroom, Brittany has also been especially supportive of extra-curricular activities at PACS.  She has coached Middle School and Varsity Swimming and Varsity Girls Tennis.  She has also helped coordinate middle school Math Olympics, has been a class sponsor, and is the current sponsor of middle school Student Government.

Brittany is a great example of a teacher who sets and expects high standards of achievement but is also well liked and respected by students and colleagues.  Fellow teachers’ descriptions include being punctual, respectful of others’ time, and consistently making adjustments to teaching methods to best meet student needs.  Brittany contributes many hours after the normal school day to offer extra help, to coach, and to support PACS special events.  Most importantly, Brittany is known for her Christ-like attributes in her interactions with students and daily conversations with others. 

Brittany describes PACS as a loving family environment.  “When I began work here, I was single and right out of college.  PACS immediately accepted me as part of the family.”  Brittany also values the continuity between the different levels of education that PACS as a Pre-K through 12th grade campus offers.  “I love that I do not have to say goodbye to my students when they go to high school.  I get to watch them play sports and perform on stage or in concerts.  It is so great to see them excel after they leave my classroom.”

Brittany prays for her students long after they graduate and leave the halls of PACS.  “I pray that they will build on the solid foundation that has been given to them while at PACS.  I pray that when they face trials and difficulties, that students will remember to rely on God and His Word that tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us.”

Katie Gilbert is married to Russ.  They have two children, a daughter Sydney and a son Nathan, who attend PACS.  Katie attended Emory University where she earned a Bachelor of Mathematics degree.  After that, Katie was an assistant coach for the Georgia Lady Bulldog Basketball Team from 1999-2007.  She then earned a Master of Mathematics from the University of Georgia. She joined the PACS faculty after teaching two years in the public school system.  Katie spent her first four years at PACS as the head coach of Varsity Girls Basketball and then stepped aside to take on the crucial role of department head of the PACS high school math department.   She has also served as the assistant Varsity Girls Soccer coach and the FCA faculty leader, and she is the current Middle School Girls Soccer coach. 

Katie has been described by her colleagues as “one who exhibits the Christian characteristics we so highly value in the development of PACS students.”  Katie is known for a firm teaching style laced with compassion and encouragement for students that struggle with content.  Her peers admire her positive attitude and selflessness.  Even more significant, however, is her reputation among students.  Katie enjoys respect and admiration from students due to her command of her subject matter and passion for the teaching profession. 

Katie expresses gratitude for the opportunity to share her passion for teaching at PACS. “I feel blessed every day that I can come to school with my children and know that we are all in a Christ-centered school where my family is surrounded by a strong circle of believers in this ever darkening world.”

For her students, Katie hopes that she will let the Lord’s light shine through her to influence their lives.  “When my students head to college or the work force, I hope that they will allow God to work through them and that they will also become beacons of His love and hope to those around them.”

The Colossians 3:23 Educators of the Year program began in 2007 and is supported through the funding of an anonymous donor.  Each recipient is recognized at the school’s Honors Day ceremonies in May.  


PACS Educators of the Year 2017:  Brittany Dillard, Danny Delgado, and Katie Gilbert