May 26, 2016

Lower School Students Recognized at 2015-16 Honor’s Day

Prince Avenue Christian School held the annual Lower School Honor’s Day in which students were recognized for their achievements in many different areas during the 2015-2016 school year.

The Lower School Academic team was recognized for their participation in middle school level competitions in which they performed very well.  Students who were on the academic team all year are 4th grade:  Thomas Bruce, Eliot Coleman, and Davis Eley, Raegan Naeher;  5th grade: Savanah Carter, Gracie Cochran, Luke Hixson, Melissa Holt, Nina Killian, Rett Sams, Ian Shoot, and Porter Ward. 

Band Director Miles Adams presented awards to 5th Grade students for their accomplishments in Beginning Band.  Those students were:  Most Improved:  Sydney Gilbert, Gracie Chochran, and Steven Rhodes; Outstanding Performer:  Madison Barnette, Ian Shook, Rett Sams, and Charlie Frierson.  Recognized for selection to the Georgia Music Educators Association First Year Honor Band were:  Madison Barnette, Gracie Cochran, Charlie Frierson, Conner Hammond, Zach Hester, Ian Shook, and Grace Taylor. 

Each year, a select number of 4th and 5th grade students are given the opportunity to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program based on their superior achievement test scores.  The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented youth. Duke TIP works with students, their families, and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage, and help students reach their highest potential.  Those students recognized for their participation in the Duke TIP Program were:  Isaiah Foster, Sophia Machado, Kate McLean, McKenzie Paul, and Ethan Thomas. 

Students recognized for their participation in the ACSI Spelling Bee were 1st Grade: Taylor Lord, Chloe Merritt, Jake Peacock, and Arli Webb; 2nd Grade:  Bowden DuBose, Micah Rhodes, Grace Morgan, and Billy McLaney; 3rd Grade:  Jaden Hill, Claire Bradford, Izze Currie, and Sophia Hou;  4th Grade:  Sage Milner, Cadence Collette, Raegan Naeher, and Cali Burgess;  5th Grade:  Ella Norris, Riley Carter, Nina Killian, and Charlie Frierson. 

Drama students recognized by director Sharon Carter for their achievements in Little Prince Players were Outstanding Performance:  Kaylor Jones and Savannah Carter; Outstanding Commitment:  Olivia Warren and Chloe Meeler.

Physical Education Awards were presented by Lower School PE Coach Michael Palmer.  The Wolverine Awards for Character, Strength and Honor were given to:  3rd Grade:  Julie Anne Shiver and Ruben Calderon; 4th Grade:  Mimi Culpepper and Will Goff; and 5th Grade:  Ella Norris and Josh Britt. 

Presidential Physical Fitness Certificates were presented to 3rd Grade:  Kinsley Bowen, Addison Bowman, Brody Rogers, Gaines Scoggins, Timothy Furlow, Gideon Garland, and Mason Stitcher; 4th Grade: Blaine Pittman, Porter Ward, Will Smith, Sage Milner, Leila Todd, Cameron Gilbert, Riley Kitchens, and Peyton Talmadge;  5th Grade:  Cullen Sewell, Tate Titshaw, Josh Britt, Charlie Wilfong, David Batts, Hardy Henson, Kaitlyn Ward, and Charlie Frierson. 

PE Students were also recognized for participating in the “Run More Miles Challenge”.  The winners were:  Walker Hardman, Timothy Furlow, Sydney Nichols, Izze Currie, Madeline Tebeau, Kylee Simmons, Cid Charles, Blaine Pilttman, Davis Eley, Hadleigh Hudson, McKenzie Paul, Jake Peacock, and Will Peacock.  The mile record holders were 1st Grade:  Whitney Elrod and Caleb Smith; 2nd Grade: Christian Register and Issie Garth; 3rd Grade:  Kinsely Bowen and Brody Rogers; 4th Grade:  Siler Elvington and Will Smith; 5th Grade: Kaitlyn Ward and Josh Britt.

Students recognized for their participation in the ACSI  Math Olympics were 3rd Grade Computation:  Julia Ann Shiver, Lilly Purcell, and Mason Stitcher (placed third); 3rd Grade Reasoning:  Brody Rogers, James Henderson (Placed 3rd), and Lyndsay McCall (Placed 1st with 85% or higher correct); 4th Grade Computation:  Porter Ward, Leila Todd (placed second), Caitlyn Chapman (placed first with 85% or higher correct);  4th Grade Reasoning:  Will Goff, Thomas Bruce, Isabella Machado; 5th Grade Computation:  Savannah Pickett, Josh Ellard, and Mason Goodyear; 5th Grade Reasoning:  Jack Graffin, Ian Shook, and Will Baker (placed third).

5th grade students who volunteered on Safety Patrol were recognized for their commitment and hard work throughout the school year.  Those students were:  Jake Carter, Mackenzie Evans, Melissa Holt, Evan Ivester, Julia Johnston, Sydney Nicholson, Daley Browning, Savannah Carter, Maddie Stiles, Tate Titshaw, Olivia Warren, Wade David, Nina Killian, Ella Norris, Debbie Pittman, Marisol Schroth, David Batts, Caroline Scoggins, Ian Shook, Kaitlyn Ward, and Gracie Wilfong. 

Prince Avenue Christian School uses the Accelerated Reader Program to enhance students’ reading skills. Students read a book, take a computerized quiz, and get instant feedback about their progress. The program keeps track of the number of books read by a point system.  The students recognized for their participation in the Accelerated Reading Program were: 

75 Point Club: Whit Bahnsen, Cid Charles, Jack Christenson, Brody Conner, Gray Dillard, Bowden Dubose, Jenifer Dunn, Whitney Elrod, Katie Hall, Walker Hardman, Ella Hardwick, William Henderson, Emmie Henson, Grant Loftin, Taylor Lord, Gabriel Prince, Landon Purcell, Kylee Simmons, Deja Smith, Rory Smith, Ella Thomas, Taylor Thomas , William Verge, Addison Wang, and Jack Whalen.   

100 Point Club:  Sydney Barham, Daniel Bell, Layla Bentley, Kinsley Bowen, Addison Bowman, Claire Bradford, Cali Burgess, Abel Carter, Sam Cartey,  Grayson Casto, Eliot Coleman, Payton Cromer, Mimi Culpepper, Shayla Curtis, McKinley Dykes, Davis Eley, Weston Elrod, Siler Elvington, Anders Ficken, Noni Foster, Charlie Frierson, Timothy Furlow, Gideon Garland, Sydney Gilbert, Will Goff, Avery Hass, Breanna Hardin, Jay Henderson, Hudson Hill, Jaden Hill, Annabella Huskey, Julia Johnston, Francis Kelley, Nina Killian, Sean Lashley, Lyndsay McCall, Brock McDonald, Grace Morgan, Raegan Naeher, McKenzie Paul, Jake Peacock, Will Peacock, Blaine Pittman, Lilly Purcell, Maggie Ross, Rett Sams, Cullen Sewell, Julia Shiver, Mason Stitcher, Madeline Tebeau, Gabi Timms, Tate Titshaw, Sim Tolbert, Camp Ward, Lyla Ward, Porter Ward, and Jackson Zittrouer. 

200 Point Club:  Jake Carter, Kelsey Cascella, Caitlyn Chapman, Cait Connerley, Addison Cromer, Becket Daniel, Emma DuBose, Garnett Elayan, Michael Fletcher, Cary Hardwick, Sam Lashley, Isabella Machado, Sophia Machado, Kate McLean, Savannah Pickett, Ethan Thomas, and Leila Todd. 

300 Point Club:  Thomas Bruce, Gracie Cochran, Meredith Hale, Sophia Hou, and John Lee.

400 Point Club:  Izze Currie and Grace Taylor.

500 Point Club:  Evan Webb

Also recognized was Linda Haygood, Administrative Assistant to Lower  and Middle School Principals.  Mrs. Haygood (affectionately referred to as "Mrs. Hay-great") is retiring after eight years of service at PACS and 44 years in the work force.  She  will enjoy more time with her family but will be greatly missed in the PACS community.